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New to Bonsai plants and this forum

Hi Folks. We recently got a Bonsai and I know it needs a lot of care in growing it. So I browsed online and came through this site and I Immediatly registered.
I read thru a some of the topics and you guys are really helpful !!! I'm glad I found this site.
Now about my bonsai..
I have one like this
I think its a Juniper?
We live in an apartment complex and we cannot keep it outdoors.
So is it ok to keep it on the window to maximise the sunlight it needs?
Also we have been watering it about once a week when the soil is almost dry ( watering it by immersing the pot completely till base of trunk ) for a few minutes..
I've just ordered a bonsai fertilizer on amazon and plan on feeding it twice a month

RIght now it looks healthy and I want to keep it that way!!
Any advice would be helpful and pls let me know if we are doing the correct thing regarding sunlight, watering etc.,

Thanks in advance

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Welcome! :D :D

Some helpful tips for you:

don't water based on schedule, but rather on need. Us a toothpick or skewer in the soil, if you pull it out and its still moist or has dirt stuck to it, then its probably too early to water.

The juniper is an outdoor plant. I know thats not exactly great news for you to hear, but it will do really well outside. And they even enjoy a resting period during winter.

Ive had a few people successfully grow them indoors and experts will say that they wont flourish indoors, so maybe if you have a balcony or something you can put it on outdoors.

If you are seeking for a great indoor beginnners bonsai I suggest a ficus benjamin. Or Weeping ficus. They are extremely forgiving, do well indoors all year long and are great looking plants.

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I agree with Sharp, if anything I would tend to be a little more pessimistic. The conditions in your home are not ideal for any tree but Juniper is an extremely poor choice for indoor culture. Low light levels, low humidity levels, along with the lack of a winter dormancy/rest period will, in all likelihood, spell doom for this tree in the long run. Most experienced growers avoid this species indoors. You should begin looking into tropicals if you want to pursue indoor bonsai.


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if you really must keep the bonsai indoors, you can provide it with a period of dormancy by keeping in a part of the house that is unheated during the winter. although I have not done this, and do not really know advanced techniques for growing it indoors. (I'm no expert....)

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