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Fertilizer for container gardens

Hello everyone,

this is my first post as a new member of this forum. I have been gardening for only a few months so am still very much in the learning process. All my plants have been grown from seed and many of them are now at stage where they might need fertilizer. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advice as to selecting fertilizer for container plants. I am growing swiss chard, squash, basil, thyme and snow peas. any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance :D


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Many potting mixes contain a slow-release fertilizer. That's usually all the plant needs for the first 3 months.

If the mix you used did not contain a fertilizer, then you might need to add some.

I use Osmocote for plants I intend to eat. For my decorative plants, I use Schultz's. I'm sure you will get other suggestions. :)
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yes, the potting soil mix i used said it contained enough fertilizer for about 3 months...i am about a week or two away from that so I'm starting to research different fertilizers. thanks for the suggestions i will look them up :o

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I use my own compost in my raised beds and my container plants (edibles). Osmocote (gasp!) on my Monstera and Pothos in the house.

When the compost doesn't seem to be quite doing the trick, I have liquid kelp, and I make a half-strength solution for the edibles.

Sometimes I make a kelp solution for the roses, too.

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