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I've got an autumn blaze maple, it's been in the front yard, southern exposure, for about 2 years. Now the leaves are all red and drying out, but it's only August. Can anyone tell me what might be going on with this tress? We've not had much rain, but none of the other trees are having problems. We did plant it very near the spot where we took out a cedar, could the old cedar roots be creating this problem?

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Hi Kay,

I suspect the leaves turning have more to do with stress from lack of water then from the cedar roots. When you say that other trees are doing ok, were they also planted around the same time? Check to see that the rootflare isn't buried and that mulch is properly applied. I'm also including how to water a tree. Generally a tree needs supplemental water for the first year, but if drought conditions exist, it might need more supplemental watering. Leaves are expendable to a tree and they will shed them when stressed.

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