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want kind of tree do I have?

Hi I'm new to the forum.

I bought a tree yesterday and I don't know what kind of tree I have.
can you help me. I think its a ficus tree. It has a light green leaves.
And has a thin trunk. And it has an excellent root system. Please help me!

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Picture would really help. Here's instructions on how to post pictures here.

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I'd be interested to know what kind of a tree you bought. It it for bonsai? It is already trained? A picture is worth a thousand words since too many trees have light green leaves. I have a few varieties of ficus but I wouldn't say their leaves are light green.

By the way if you pinch a new growth tip or tare off a leaf you should get white sap, that's usually good indication it a ficus or something similar. . . hope it helps. Also lots ficus have white dots on their trunks and branches such as in ficus tiger bark/retusa . . .

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ive got a weird tree also


its really weird because I was cutting the grass and in the soil on the other side of the landscape ties, I saw all the weird brawn coffee bean looking nuts, so I dug deeper for where they were coming from but I still have no idea what the brown coffee bean looking nuts are, an answer would help =D[/img]

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damn I guess the pictures don't work like that

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In order to post pictures here you must first host them on a third party hosting site and then link to them here.

Secondly, it would be better if you started your own thread for a new subject, thanks.


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