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My bonsai is in a bad way maybe a fungi or root problem

I have had my tree now for 5 years I bought it from an odd shop in london, not sure what the type is. It has recently lost lots of leaves and a entire limb has died, most of the leaves have now turned yellow, there is a kind of fungus on the bottom of the trunk, which has in the last day traved up the trunk to about half way! Not sure what it is and what to do next, am worried am gonna loose her! Please help? David

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Post Pictures! :D :D :D

Pictures will help determine what type of tree you have and allow for a good diagnosis. Until then we can't give you any helpful information because each type of tree has unique requirements and habits.

So post lots of clear close up as well as full view pictures and then someone might be able to assess the problem and guide you in saving your plant if it needs saving :D

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