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Peas! Help!

My mum bought a pea plant from a garden centre, then did nothing with it - I rescued it from certian death, but it hasn't grown at all in months - but it has made pea pods. I collected them a few days ago, and not knowing how to store them (there are only a handful) I put them in a pot and put them in a fridge. My dad then suggested that they needed drying out - and so I left the pot out in the house. This was yesterday, and now they've all sprouted! :shock: Grrr....I wanted to plant these next year - I know I could just buy some more, but I like the whole natural cycle. Can I plant these in pots and look after them until next year, or will that totally not work? Can I put them back in the fridge? What should I do?! Thank you for any help.

Love & Light, Naomi xXx

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I'm not an expert, but peas do like cool weather, so you should be able to plant them outside and have more pods before frost.

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I agree, if you plant the sprouts now, you will have peas for the early fall provided that it doesn't get to cold in your area. Then, you can save some of the peas from that crop for next year.

What I do is:

Let the pea pods dry on the vine then collect the peas and store in a cool, dry place until next spring.

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