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Help please - need advice on what to plant.

I need to plant a tree or tall shrub close to my house - to be used for some privacy from the next house. It can't grow too wide, obviously, since it's close to the house. It will be planted right outside a large bay of windows, which are in the living area of my home, so I'd like something ornamental if possible - but not crucial. I live in Mississippi, where it's currently around 100 degrees. Hot summers, moderate winters, moderate to high amount of moisture, depending on the year. I would like something quick growing, so I can have privacy sooner rather than later. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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I agree that the foundation should be considered....Perhaps a rabbiteye blueberry or two......Tall, decorative,edible.... but deciduous.
Consider a columnar Juniper or two....rather small root system compared to others and will grow quite tall and evergreen.....I tend to like the Trellis idea also..............Actually the quickest solution.

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Curly Willow Tree

We have a curly willow in our lawn that is full of leaves in spring and summer, in winter the leaves drop and you have curly branches that look great when bare.

This article talks gives you basics on the curly willow tree, it mentions the tree is fast growing but short lived, although easy enough to take cuttings from to create more trees, and that it does well in heat and wet conditions:

My only experience with curly willow is in the last three years, when we bought the house here the tree was already established. The tree has gotten bigger since then, very sturdy and healthy as can be. Our curly willow is about ten feet tall and six to eight feet wide. The good thing about the tree is that you can prune it back and keep it smaller, we do this with our tree and it works great, just prune the ends and shape in late winter before the leaves appear. We are on the north coast in California with quite a bit of rainfall, cool summers and moderate winters. My mother-in-law has a number of curly willows growing well in her yard in Grants Pass, Oregon, where it gets very hot in summer (in the 100's) and snows in winter.

Here is a photo of our curly willow, its a very pretty tree, not sure how big the roots are since it is planted in the lawn. Excuse the shape, the photo was taken before we trimmed it up:


Here is a photo I found online of a curly willow with bare branches to give you an idea of how they look in winter. Our tree has curlier shaped branches than this one:

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