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Diseased impatiens?

Hi everyone! I'm a first time home buyer and am having lots of fun with the landscaping around my house... I've used these forums a lot for advice but this is my first post!

My problem is - I planted two rows of magenta pink impatiens lining the walk to my house (mostly shady area with maybe 1-2 hours of sun per day). On one side of the walk, the impatiens are doing beautifully. On the other side, they look terrible! The plants themselves are doing fine (not wilting or anything) and the green leaves on the plant are doing great as well... the pink flowers have LARGE white blotches on them. I don't think it is my watering schedule, since the other side of my walk is on the same schedule and is doing fine. I found some references to powdery mildew online but all pictures show the mildew affecting the leaves as well, and I only have white blotches on the flowers (not the leaves).


Any ideas on what they might be or how to diagnose? Your help is much much much appreciated!! Thank you!

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I don't think you should worry it looks as if they are fading and sometimes when you water in the sun there will be burn marks left on the plant.

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I agree. It looks like simple water spots to me. It also looks like it's time to start deadheading the plants, I.e. picking off the flowers that are past their prime. That should encourage the plants to produce fresh blooms for you. :)

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