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wilting zucchini

why are my zucchini plants wilting, they have timersand are watered every morning and seem healthy except for a little mildew

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When you say, timersand, you are talking about a irrigation timer, not a hourglass. :?

Can you gives use a little more information.

Wilted all the time.
Weather, looks like you are in the upper 80's
Soil type. Mulch or not.
Are any other plants wilting.


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They were big healthy plants and then they just suddenly wilted and went limp over just a couple/few days?

If that's the case check the base of the stem for a lesion with sawdust like stuff outside of it. If you find it, you have squash vine borers, aka zucchini root borers. One of the most destructive pests in the garden and hardest to deal with. If your plants are completely limp, they are likely a dead loss at this point.

Type squash vine borers into the Search the Forum Keyword box and find a ton of stuff that's been written here about them.
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Hello from Florida

My zucc's did the same, a couple of times. I have had no luck with mine this year. First one plant had a worm :( (assuming squash borer or close relative) I have a hard time even touching them - let alone trying to figure out what it is. I found the hole cut it out and actually repaired the plant - It is still growing and just now getting zucc's on it. I had to baby it along. The other was a Black beauty plant it looked fabulous - I mean the best plant ever - it was in a raised bed and everything in the bed was doing well. Then one day it was wilted. I though the Fl heat got to it. I then watered it. Well it never improved. :( It just got worse and worse, I could never find a worm hole. I (after reading) assumed it was root rot. When I pulled it I searched it all over for worms and there was nothing, - I guess it was over watered. No fungus or anything remotely fungal on it that I, a beginner could tell. So I guess it got too much water somehow and the drainage was bad. Sometimes I just can't fgure it out. :cry: It was a great raised bed, good drainage as far as other plants go, mulched with straw, then it just died. So I hope you can salvage yours - this is once where the worm may be he lessor of two evils. Good Luck!

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I agree with RBG in that it may be the SVB (squash vine borer). This is especially true if the plants looked healthy prior to the wilting. It seems like a lot of gardeners have been having trouble with them this year.

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