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Ripe fruit rotted at stem end

I just went to pick my tomatoes and found 4 ripe tomatoes that were completely runny rotten at the stem end/ no dark spots. The fruit looked beautiful until I went to pick it. I notices a bug inside each one that looked like it was about 1/2" long and thin, with a multi section body and no wings. They are not ants or earwigs. More beatle like but very thin like a termite. What are these and how do I get rid of them? I have 30 plants and only found them on 2 plants next to each other. HELP!

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I am having a hard time picturing the bug in my mind, but whatever they are they are not major tomato pests. They are, perhaps, something feeding on the rotten fruit rather than causing the damage. Stem end rot usually occurs from splitting followed by water accumulation and bacterial/fungal attack. Tomato fruit worms also tend to tunnel in around the stem moreso than other areas and that could cause rot once the fruit ripens.

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