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Does anyone know how to get rid of squirrels and skunks from eating my veggies ?? especially tomatoes and cukes

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Kill the squirrels and make a stew with a rich brown gravy. Set traps to catch the skunks so they can be moved to another location. It can be done but expect to get slimed when moving the traps if the skunk becomes spooked.

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High powered air rifle for the squirrels.

Skunks mostly come out at night and the air rifle will work for them too if yer awake and have that garden area light up with some light.

Maybe use a trap to catch them if ya don't want to shoot em. If its a skunk and you got it trapped make sure ya throw a tarp or something over that trap if its a live catch trap.

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I am not into the shotgun idea, but I used some stuff I bought online to scare off a skunk that camped out under our shed. It was a powder made of fox urine, and it makes them think a predator lives near by so they leave. It is called Shake Away, and you can find it on Some people I know swear by it, and it worked for us, but you'll see some bad reviews of it too. The bottle directions recommend using it consistently for a few weeks to spread the scent around the garden (you shouldn't notice the smell but the animals will). After a hard rain, you'll have to sprinkle more. I actually put a half cup of the granules in an old sock and tossed it right under the shed where the burrow was and that was effective for our situation.
I've also used some of our dog's and cats' hair scattered through the garden rows to try to scare off rabbits and chipmunks, and that hasn't been quite as helpful.

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I don't believe in killing the wildlife. My garden is certified backyard wildlife sanctuary. That means the stuff that I want to eat I wrap in deer netting so the critters can't get to it.

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Mothballs will keep the skunks away.

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Thanks for your wildlife-friendly response, RG. As I've said before, I hate to see things killed just because they're going about their normal existence in a way that we find inconvienient. Skunks are a good hunters of grubs, but I understand that they're not something that you want in close proximity to your home.
First, make sure that there are no food sources around that might be attracting them. (garbage cans, pet food, open compost heaps, etc.)
Skunks are, oddly, sensitive to strong smells. The moth ball thing could work, but they contain some pretty noxious stuff. If you go that route, put them in a jar with holes in the lid to keep them safe. This also works with rags sprinkled with ammonia. Again, keep it in a jar. If you can find the skunks burrow, place these in or near the entrance.
Trapping can be dangerous and is often only legally allowed by professionals. Use good judgement. Skunk spray can be VERY difficult to remove if you get sprayed.
Cayenne pepper has worked for me, but has to be re-applied on a very regular basis. I've also had limited success with fox urine.
Really the most fool-proof is some type of barrier fencing. Once they are deprived of a food source, they'll normally go on their way.
Not for everyone, but having a dog around works wonders.

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I have resident skunks here, I know because I catch the same ones over and over again in the live trap. They never touch the vegetables so it is easiest for me to simply let them go. Squirrels and groundhogs eat vegetables, and racoons will get corn. I deal with them in a more prejudiced manner. I've also lived in a house where the squirrels chewed up the rafters and even chewed through the ceiling over my bed. They were very destructive and gave my land lord fits.

A spray made of hot peppers powder, garlic and egg will keep the nibblers away. Live traps, if you are not going to kill the animals, simply move them to someone else's garden, which is why relocation is illegal in some areas. Now that urban animal populations are so high relocation generally opens a vacuum on one side that is quickly filled in by other individuals.

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For the squirrels, dispatch them, trap them, or else put some netting around the plants.

For the skunks, same thing but use a good fence instead of the netting.

I kind of take issue with the mothball theory. I know a person who had a family of skunks living under her shed. She dumped a whole bunch of mothballs into the hole....only to find them all kicked out then next day :lol:. She eventually had them trapped and removed.

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We had skunks living under our shed. My mother threw a handful of mothballs under there and we didn't have another skunk for about 3 years. I guess it works for some!

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