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Bell Pepper Question....

I was wondering if orange and red bell peppers grow on the same bell pepper plant. I read that orange grows on a different variety or is it yellow? I'm asking because I sprouted bell peppers from a green bell pepper and one of my plants produced a red pepper and another an orange one. Is there anything that decides what color they change to first? :?

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Well, some pepper will change right to a specific color, other times they will go through stages (green to orange, orange to red).

If you have them both on the plant, it just means that they are going through their ripening stages. That "green" pepper you saved your seed from would more than likely have been a red pepper if it had been left on the plant longer.

Personally, I like to wait till their red, but green will always do if you need a pepper on the spot.
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I've seen where nutrient or watering issues will cause some peppers that normally turn red, to turn a more off-red/orange color instead, especially if picked while still green they often don't want to develop the deep reds.

As far as I've read, all green bell peppers are just immature fruit...they'd all turn red, orange, yellow, brown or purple if allowed to ripen on the bush. But that causes fewer blooms and less fruit as the trade off for tastier peppers (I think green bells taste bitter, while all the others are a delicious sweet flavor).
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