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Tree Identification and help

I have a pretty little tree in my backyard - it's about 8 ft tall, small alternating reddish-purplish leaves. It's not doing so well right now - I think from the heat - and I'm trying to figure out what it is so I can rehab it. You can see from the "whole tree" photo that the leaves are falling off. Any thoughts?

Here are links to some pics:

Spring leaves

Summer leaves


Whole tree

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I cannot identify it with accuracy but it looks as if it is going into fall mode. You might need to prune it back some so there is less energy going into the present plant and then possibly root feed it. It could be in the cherry/plum family but specifically what I don't know.

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The leaves look very Dogwood like but the bark and whole tree don't. I can't do any better than you Bullthistle but it just doesn't look like a prunus to me.

After careful evaluation of the photo's I have come to the conclusion I don't have any idea what it is but I HAVE seen it before and that it does look a little stressed. :cry:

I do agree with you Bull on the root feeding and I might make some pitchfork deep holes out to the root line. Sometimes things respond well to having their roots irritated. :o

I'm not sure it should be top pruned NOW but that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it. :? It's a nice looking little tree that I would love to shape up with the ole loppers but I think I would wait until mid/late-winter. It needs a hard but thoughtful pruning coupled with a frequent thumb nail testing. :)

It's clearly a nice little ornamental emmett and I'm surprized no one has nailed it down more quickly :? Does it flower??

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Could it be loropetalum pruned into a tree??

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