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Did I kill my hydrangea?

Hi there,
I just planted 5 hydrangea plants 1 week ago. I live in West Michigan and have mostly clay soil. The plants receive sun about 6 hours a day. I've watered them every other day (or we had heavy rain). Today when I got home from work the blooms were mostly gone and the leaves were wilting. This is my first attempt with hydrangeas. Am I not giving them enough water? Should I put mulch around the base? Please help!

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Welcome K8ee.. :D (pretty cool what you did with your name)

I am also new. But I have learned so much from this forum. All the people here are knowledgable and very helpful.

I planted my first Hydrangea tree this summer. It prefers and does best in well drained soil, elevated acidity in the soil, morning sun, and afternoon shade. 8)

The zone you live in and the type of hydrangea matters, too. They told me to remember to add bonemeal to the soil. But with clay (I have blue clay) you need to add compost and use mulch. (but keep the mulch two inches from the base of the plant)

K8ee, someone here will answer you more in depth than I could. But I know what it's like to wait, so I thought I would share my experience with you.

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Do some reading in this hydrangea forum, looking particularly for posts by luis. He is very knowledgeable hydrangea expert and has posted already LOTS of good info about growing hydrangeas. I think he has answered similar questions.

I would wonder about that 6 hrs of sun... is that direct sun? Has to include some afternoon sun then. Hydrangeas don't really like direct hot afternoon sun. My hydrangea is under a big tree and gets no direct sun, just filtered. It is probably not as big as it could have been by now if it had a bit more sun, but it does fine and blooms beautifully.

Hydrangea leaves will wilt in the hot sun, but if the plant is kept watered, they should come back. It's just part of how the plant protects itself from the heat and from drying out too much.

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