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Yellowing leaves on newly transplanted apple tree

I'm a newbie here, so I hope this topic isn't done to death! I recently transplanted a young Fuji apple tree from a 5 gallon pot into a 25 gallon pot and after a week now a bunch of it's leaves are turning yellow. Details are:
Soil is organic potting soil (worm castings, compost, etc)
High temps here (95+)
I believe I've been keeping it well watered, deep long watering
Black Plastic pot
Reputable nursery (lots of previous plants purchased there)
Location Sierra foothills in California
I'm pretty sure I planted it at same level as nursery had it
I added some slow release fertilizer (Osmicote)

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Hi Stonee.
Your tree should be ok if you keep it well watered in the hot spell.
Young trees have the problem that if they hit hot weather they lose water faster than they can replace it.
Their defence is to lose leaf so that the transperation rate is slowed down.
Different if it is losing vast quantities but a few yellow leaves are no problem.

By the you know what the root stock is on your tree?
The more powerfull stocks are not really suitable for container it's well worth checking if you can.

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ALSO--The roots and sil can become VERY hot in containers and must be watered once or twice per DAY in hot weather....covering the top of the soil in the pot with a mulch of some kind or plastic(not black) will keep the water from evaporating too quickly.....many studies done on this procedure and it proved to save a LOT of watering. T

he stress of moving the tree will also cause some leaf drop. My new trees dropped leaves all through their first year. When in doubt...check the soil ph and send in the leaves. If they are ok, then it is a management problem..
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Tree is doing OK now

After about a week I did add a simple mulch of just grass clippings to the top of the soil; we kept it watered and it's doing just fine now.

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