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Cucumber problems

I just started growing cucumbers from a Topsy Turvy grower, and the plant seems to be doing okay. I used the Topsy Turvy grower because I live right next to the beach and anything I try to grow dies due to high salt content and such in the soil. My problem is that a lot of the leaves are turning brown around the edges, and have spots on them. I treat the plant with insecticide to keep bugs away, although there have been some sugar ants. Someone told me that it looked like a deficiency of Iron. Is there anyone who can help with this or tell me what I could do to get the plants more iron? :?:

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How often are you watering it? Containers tend to dry out quickly & it could be a simple case of not enough water.
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I've never tried those Topsy Turvy planters but my father-in-law has for the past couple of years with tomato plants in them and they leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. He never had much production and the plants were higher maintenance than in ground stuff. Most anything in a container requires daily watering this time of year.

Really not sure what you can do being so close to saltwater. I'm thinking raised beds with a load of good garden soil would likely do well for a couple of seasons but sooner or later the salt air will likely get to them too.

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So maybe that's why my black kale looks whitish, but I can wash that white layer out. My garden is less than a mile from the ocean....

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