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Need tips on starting new garden

Ive started my first garden in June and it seems to be doing well but ive only harvested a few squash and about a dozen peppers. Can anyone give me some tips on when to harvest and tips for pruning and mulches.

My whole garden contains:

two watermelon plants

one pepper plant (started with four but the other three died from what i was told shock)

four tomato plants( two in the garden itself and two off to the side of the house)

two squash plants

the whole garden is 5 by 5

the weird thing is that the squash was planted by seeds and it has grown the fastest but everything else already had grown to a foot before it was placed in the garden and two of those tomato plants were already a yard tall before we transplated them in the soil. There are no more squash and there are a lot of tomatoes but all of them are a deep green. As for the watermelon, on one they seem to just shrivel and die but on the other one two have grown to a fair size but i cant tell when it is right to harvest.

I also wanted to know if it was possible for me to plant some other plants at this time.

Thank you for the time

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I have never actually pruned my veggie garden and have never had any problems with it so I cant really help you with pruning. I normally use straw as a mulch, but you can also use some types of bark (make sure the wood will not change the pH greatly), garden fabric from a nursery, or even cardboard. Be careful with mulches though as bugs like earwigs really appreciate the added shade and dampness.

For watermelon, you can thump them and they are supposed to sound hollow, and also, they should seem heavy for their size, and depending on the variety, should be around the size they are supposed to be, though sometimes they just don't get as big as the pretty pictures on the package, so don't just rely on that, and continue to check them with the other methods as well.

It sounds like you have peppers and squash down if you are already harveting them, but just in case, because there are so many different types of peppers and squash, it's good to read the seed packet information because that will normally help you out. For more specific advice, you can post the specific varieties.

Tomatoes should be (generally) red, though of course some varieties are not meant to be, so if you have yellow pear tomatoes, you probably don't want to wait for them to turn red. They should be firm but not hard, and should come off the plant easily.

Depending on where you live and how much of a growing season you have left, its probably a little late to be starting a lot of things now, but if you wanted you could start some beans and things.


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