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falling leaves

Hi,I have a new yellow rose bush and it seems to have alot of yellow leaves and then they fall off,without black spots and also my trunk seems to have spit!!!Please help new at this

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Sounds like black spot, a common rose problem.
You can spray it with one of those rose sprays that can be purchaed anywhere, or if you look around this section of the forum, you will find that it comes up a lot & there will be more detailed information there.

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Hi Barbarakeeter! Welcome to the forum!
First of all, before you get into treating anything, a few questions:
- how long have you had the rose?
- where did you buy the rose?
- did it have the split when you bought it?
- how big is this split, and describe it. (length,through the whole trunk, where on the trunk, etc.)
Send back all that information, and then I can better assess what you should be doing about your problem. :wink:


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