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Armyworm vs. Wasp!!! First Round TKO! (PICS)

Man, I love my beneficial insects! All day I have a troop of wasps that patrol my gardens. I love watching them fly about and check underneath the leaves of all my plants for armyworms. I try to help them out when I can, because all they want to do is help me!

Today, I found a large armyworm (just look for the poop and 9 times out of 10 they're on the leaves above the droppings) in a congested area of leaves that the wasps couldn't get to. I pulled it out (before pruning) and coaxed it onto a stick, and sat there holding the stick out.

Sure enough, one of the patrolling wasps saw it and dove right in for the kill! First cutting off the head, then making multiple fatal bites along the body. It then grabbed the worm and flew it over to a near by fence where it devoured the worm bit by bit.

It's an awesome sight to see, and really made me enjoy their presence that much more. I love these little guys!

Enjoy the pics! Nature at it's best!

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Everyone I know is freaked out by wasp. I keep telling they are good. They just look at me like I'm crazy. Well I am but that is beside the point.

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sweet pics

love to see the bad guys get eaten :twisted:

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What a great discovery! Contrary to popular belief, wasps are actually beneficial insects, and you've got proof of that!


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