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Bell Peppers Leaves and Eggplants white spots on leaves

Hi, I'm newbie of forum.

I was wondering if someone can help to identify the problem and a proper way to fix it. Anyway, As you will see on the pic my peppers plants have been attacked by some critter and I haven't find which type. Last night I went to my raised bed with a flashlight and I didn't find any destructive critter at all. So, now I'm thinking well, last night were their day off... I'll visit my raised bed again tonight and I hope I have a hint.

About my Eggplants, well they are growing fast but (yes there are always a but) the flowers are just falling down to the soil without any pollination. They just dried out in two days and fell. I tried doing pollination by myself without any success. Anyhow what really worry me is that the leaves have some white spots all over them.

If someone can help me I will be very glad. BTW, I use only organics products and for the snails I've been using crushed eggshells with a good success (well I think so...)





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I've been away for a few days; any news on the snail/slug front? How are the eggplant leaves?

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