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Mystery Squash/Gourd

My fiancee and I closed on our first house at the end of May. One of the things we were most excited about was the prospect of our first vegetable garden. The previous owner had a garden which I reclaimed and made our own. I rototilled the entire thing except one of the corners where (what I thought might have been) a pumpkin or other type of squash had sprouted from something that must have rotted in the garden last year .

Fast forward to now, the plant now has fruit and I still have no idea what it is. My best guess is some sort of ornamental gourd, but does anyone have any other ideas? Whatever it is, it is heavily warted.


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If you can pierce it with your fingernail, pick it and eat it.

If it is good invent a name for it. Gourds are tasty while young, so doesn't matter if it is squash or gourd.
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It is likely a hybrid squash. You can name it. It is one of a kind. :)
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Looks like you invented a new hybrid :D. What happened was 2 of the previous owner's squash plants cross-pollinated with each other and the fruit they produced never got picked for some reason and rotted.

The squash you have there is a cross-between the two parent plants. Unfortunately, you can't save the seed from it as it will probably just revert back.
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Thanks for all the helpful replies!

I'll try eating one and see how it goes!

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