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Help Please! - Sweet 100s Tomatoes


I'm an experienced gardener with tomatoes, trying this one for the first time. I've read what I could find online.

I still need help - please, can you advise me?

1. Staking

I'm growing two plants. One is in a large tub, lots of soil. The other in the garden.

How do I stake the one in the tub please? The tub is rectangular. The plant is about 12-14" tall now.

I usually use two stakes, and tie recyclable yarn around them to keep in the tomato. But with this variety, I keep reading it grows so huge. I am on a budget so can't afford a tomato cage (live in the UK, things cost a lot more here). I have tall stakes.

Do I use a lot, make a circle around the plant?
Do I use just one?
Do I use two?

Please, help. The little plant needs staking now.

2. Suckers

I've read if it gets its top cut off, to let suckers grow. Mine has the top. Do I keep the suckers? Or remove them?

Thank you so much!

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I have one growing up between two tomato cages. It's not really staked at all. It's covered with fruit. I've been eating 3 or 4 a day in the garden.

I'd use two stakes and let the suckers grow unless you want larger tomatoes and less of them.

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