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I need some advice for a very new gardener - POTATOES

I have been growin over 30 potato plants in tires but didnt have a ton of info at the start and we used only 2 tires 1 on top of the other..., but now the plants are so full and so large and I have found out I should have been piling the tires.. is it too late these plants are approx. 4 feet tall and very bushy.. can I prune them to fit more tires over them or is it too late... should I just hope for the best out of what I have ...? I have been putting dirt ( a little) on top of the tires around the base of the plant but I'm afraid I have all plant and no potato... WHAT SHOULD I DO>>>

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You are just fine because piling the tires up high actually doesn't work in most cases. Most varieties are determinant so that farmers have a crop of same sized tubers maturing at one time and fitting inside the hilled rows that the machines make. So as long as you have around a foot of stuff over top of the seed potato your crop will be protected from greening.


If you are planting so many it would be more space efficient just to plant in the ground and either hill up soil or use straw.

I can't really imagine having 60-90 spare tires laying around.

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