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No Blossoms on My Heirloom tomatoes

This year i planted three varieties of heirlooms in pots. The leaves of all three are curled up (exposing the underside). Additionalls, the tiny pre-blossoms seem to be brewaking off before they can flower. I sprayed the plants with a light mixture of Dove soap and water, which seems to have gotten rid of the bugs. I've tried soaking them and I've tried letting the soil dry a bit. But still only a very few blossoms. Can you tell me what's happening?
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It's called blossom drop when the flowers drop off without setting fruit. It is a sign of stress in the plant, which drops the flowers to focus on survival.

There's a sticky on Blossom Drop at the top of the Tomato Forum. You just need to figure out what is stressing your plant.... too much or too little water, too hot, too much or too little fertilizer. The leaf curl is another sign of stress, so your plant is telling you it really needs help.

Here's a thread we have had recently on tomato leaf curl:
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Spraying with Dove Soap and water might be stressing them out. Did you have an infestation of aphids or something? I've never heard of using Dove soap in the garden. I try to keep the leaves dry and not splash soil on them to keep the spread of disease to a minium. Water on leaves can also act as a magnifying glass when the sun is out and the leaves will burn. How big are the containers they are in?
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