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Winter Approaching, Help with hanging potted plants

I have attempted to do extensive research on the subject but keep coming up empty.
I also attempted to search this forum for a possible answer, if there has already been an answer, a simple link will do.

I live in a Re-freeze cycle area during the winter. I have a few hanging potted plants that I am concerned about.

Forgive me for not remembering the names. A few are Ivy like, but they do not grip. Simply grow tremendously, droop down below the pots, and thrive in the Semi-sunlit area. I am not sure if I need to trim them back and move them inside. Leave them out. Etc…

The other plant has green leaves on top, Red on bottom, and grows a lot of Purple/red fur all over it. All the plants are healthy (happy considering I'm green when it comes to plants).

I've come to enjoy my house plants and the few I have outside. I plan on turning our deck into a potted garden in the new apartment if possible.
Any help about winterizing my plants would be greatly appreciated.


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In your area hanging plants like wandering jew (green and purple, Tradescantia pallida) need to come indoors to a bright but indirect light and lots of misting for the heating season. Can't tell the other plant from your description but I'm betting on pothos, or devil's ivy(Epipremnum pinnatum), as the most likely choice; won't need as much light and water as the Tradescantia and about as care-free as a plant gets.

Neither should require a lot of special attention but there is no winterization per se; maybe a quick spritz with a pyrethrin based insecticide to make sure you don't bring in the bad guys and move 'em in! Expect a few dropped leaves and a little sulking at first, but they should turn the corner quickly and perform indoors almost as well as outside...


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