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Fertilized weeds

Help! I put down grass seed/fertilizer combo to get a lawn going in a small area of my yard. Few days later, I had little weeds popping up everywhere! Come to find out that the fertilizer I laid down, fertilized the weeds seeds I "brought to the surface" after weeding this weed garden and tilling it. Ugh!
I have brand new grass growing but the weeds are still present. I can't seem to find a weed killer I can spray all over (since the weeds are all over) that WON"T kill my new grass. Any help would be great! Thank you

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Here's an intro to organic lawn care; it's the Sticky in the forum. Maybe some of the ideas discussed will help with your situation?


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LG, I really only recommend one time of year for starting lawn and that's fall; favors grass and the weeds are mostly done. Now the grass hates heat and the weeds suck it all up (including your ferts). :(

Think about overseeding in fall (I recommend a slit seeder rental for best effect; remember to go north/south then east/west). Post before ya do and I'll offer some other thoughts as well...


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