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How big are bunny tummies?!

Well you've heard that an average human stomach is equal to the size of his/her foot? well I wonder how big a bunny's tummy might be after seeing what I saw yesterday!

There was a 2 ft hawkweed (think of it as a cross between a dandelion and a bolting lettuce) in the kids' sand pit that really needed to be pulled, but I kept putting it off. So as I was intent on a different task, I noticed from the corner of my eye the top of the hawkweed kind of shiver and topple. When I focused, I realized that a rabbit had snipped the weed down, and was in the process of munching it up. About 18 inches of it was in front of it, it had the stem with all the leaves in it's mouth -- as you can imagine, its mouth was pretty full -- and it noticed me at the same time.

I could tell it was nervous, but for whatever reason, it didn't drop the weed and run. It systematically chewed and chewed and chewed, cheeks all puffed out with the amount of leaves it was stuffing in it's mouth, the weed disappearing in front of my eyes like some surreal cartoon ( insert power saw sound FX here :lol:).

When it finally chewed and swallowed the very last tip of the hawkweed, the rabbit collected itself and ran for cover. :roll:

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I'm impressed it actually ate something you were going to pull out. It was just helping around the garden! I believe rabbits eat quite a bit to sustain themselves because they have a very fast metabolism.

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Amazing!! Does make you wonder where it all went and how big their tummies are! Picture rabbit innards with little teeny tiny organs and all the internal space filled with STOMACH! Course you'd think it must also have pretty powerful intestines to deal with all that roughage!

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