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Need help with my vegetable garden

It's not growing or only a little growing. I live in Lutz, Fl. My garden is in
the sun. I have not checked ph. I have watered. Not too much either.
I did use miracle grow as the fertilizer.
I used the soil that was available in my yard.
How can I easily check my own ph? Any old fashioned ways to check it?

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A few pictures would really help us try to figure out with you why your garden didn't grow. There's a link to instructions on how to post them here, in my signature line. And what kind of plants were/ are they? What has your weather been like lately? When did you plant these plants in your garden?

The more information you can give us, the more help we can be.

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I was in Florida recently the soil there is a very fine sandy material. It does not appear to me like the soil has much organic material. The soil reminds me a lot of the soil my parents have in their yard in Arizona. Pictures would be good but if your soil is what I think it is I am guessing you need to add organic material and lots of water in the evening and morning.

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Welcome to the Helpful Gardener.

We'll try to help you the best that we can, but the more info you give us, the better we can help :). In addition to what the others have said, how has your weather been? Has it been extremely hot or rainy? Also, which plants are having problems or is it the whole garden?

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I know its really hot in Florida where you are right now, try watering daily, if your not getting rain daily. I've heard it can sometimes be like monsoon season in the summer there. : ) Post pics! But if you've only watered them a few times, you might try to water them more!?! : )

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You said you are using the soil that was in your yard. What was that like? Was it extremely sandy or very clay-like. That can affect how you water your garden.

Depending on your soil type, you may not be watering enough (that is, your soil may not be retaining enough water for the plants).

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