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Why is my smooth phlox lying down like a vine?

I planted some smooth phlox last year to get some early color into my sun perennial bed. It seems to be proliferating just fine, but it's staying low to the ground rather than standing upright. Plus it's barely blooming, because I planted in a place where it's promised 20" height was needed (kind of toward the back of the bed, in front of my black-eyed susans. Any ideas?

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Not sure what smooth phlox is, but could it be Woodland Phlox? Mine is low growing, spreads and blooms in shade, bloom time here in April. Does well in shade, dappled areas and AM sun. It has the prettiest purple-blue flowers.
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Was it standing upright when you planted it last year? Smooth phlox doesn't normally need to be staked, which makes me wonder if the plants you purchased might have been mislabeled? There is a species of phlox that has a trailing habit.

The only other thing I can think of is that the plants might have been beaten down by heavy rains or wind. Have you had that kind of weather recently? If so, perhaps some lightweight stakes might help them regain their erect posture.

I'm sorry that I don't have a more definitive answer for you. :(
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