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Pumpkins Shrivel Up and Fall Off

can some one help me I live in tampa st pete area and this is second year I,ve grown pumpkins the vine does great and I start to get pumpkins but after they get to the size of golf balls they shrivel up and die please help my faith with my kids is not good they do not think I can do it please help anyone thanks yes they get plenty of water the vines 20 feet long thanks I pollenated them and it worked I have punkins now should I put something under the punkins so they don't rot its sitting on top of soil black soil water drains well but I am not sure if I should or not and thanks again I am so excited
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Hi Tazonbeach,

We can't let the kids think you can't do this! ? I suspect the problem could be due to poor pollination. Take a look here.

If none of that fits, lmk so you can have pumpkins with faces and pie too! 8)

Lots of other helpful info at their main page.

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