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Question on mint and thyme

Hi all, this is my first post.

I have a lemon thyme plant that is looking incredible. But I want to pinch it, so that more can grow on it. So far i've only been pinching of what i need for a recipe that day. My question is should I freeze the thyme, or toss it in a food dehydrator?

I have the same question for mint.

I'll be back at school in late August and in my apartment i'd like to bring some of my herbs with me. Would pinching and storing some now last until then?

My goal is to pinch off enough by the end of summer to last throughout the harsh winters we get here in Northern Pennsylvania.

Thank you!

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If you have a food dehydrator handy that would work fine (I think better than freezing). Otherwise, I just use the old fashioned method - cut some sprigs off, tie them together at the bottom (or rubberband) and hang them upside down inside a brown paper bag.

Once they are thoroughly dry just pull the leaves off from the stems and store them inside a glass jar with tight lid away from sunshine and they will last for a long time.

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