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Cold drying herbs

Here is a tip worth sharing. I had a chat with my herb lady friend from IL this weekend on drying herbs. She has cold-dried some, especially basil and tarragon.
pick fresh herbs, rinse off, pat dry. Spread out on paper towel in frig, and put another towel over top. Check for dryness in 7 - 10 days. If dry, lay on counter again with toweling until really dry, then put in jars.

Now if I can remember this come September when they do need harvested and dried!
Have fun!

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I have been experementing with drying herbs. I am having good luck drying herbs at room temperature in the dark. They keep their flavor, color and aroma.

Sun light makes the herbs loose their color, aroma and they all turn brown and loose some of there flavor too. Even an hour of sun light coming in through a window will turn them brown.

Last summer I dried some herbs in my solar dehydrator. Herbs lost all their flavor. The heat was 140 degrees on the last experement and even that was enough heat to distroy all the flavor, aroma and color.

I will have to try cold drying it seems logical it will be better.

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Thanks for the tip on cold drying herbs. I will be trying that out at the end of the season. :D

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I had a friend that dried some rosemary in the refrigerator and they retained their color. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of it so I don't know how it tasted. I have a ton of rosemary planted out back so I always use fresh anyway.
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