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Desperate! I think my rose plant is dying!

I am new to this forum. I was hoping if someone could help me with my rose plant. I bought this plant at our local store; however I did not have time to plant it immediately but my mother kept on watering it and this damaged it pretty badly as it did not have any drainings. By the time I planted it was quite damaged so I just cut off some of the roots and trimmed the top a little. Now, the new branches are dying (black) from the top down. I am really worried :shock: Please help!

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It is going to be touch and go. From your description, the roots could be suffering from root rot and if this has taken hold, the outcome is not good. Prune off the branches that are turning black just where the tissue is green and clean the pruners well. Putting it in well draining soil with no fertilizer is a good start. Maintain the soil moist and keep it well mulched.

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