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Yucca shoots

Hello all, first post here, hope its in the right place :D
Last year with a lot of trepidation I cut the top off of my huge 18 year old yucca (Yoric) and re rooted it succesfully. I left the big ole ugly stump in its pot, out in the garden all winter. I went to dump it last weekend and found two shoots right at the bottom of the stump (Yorics had babys :D ), one either side.
Now my question is how do I remove them from the stump? Do I air layer them like I did the origional top, even though they are right on the soil line? can I just cut them out and plant them? Do I hack of the stump below and above and plant that?
I would apreciate any advice you could give, thanks in advance.

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Hi Beachcomber,

Take it out of the pot and remove as much soil as you can. You may have to wash the soil off. You should then be able to see where the new shoots originated from. If they have a fairly well developed root system you can cut them from the parent with a sharp knife. Let the wound calous for a day and then plant. Keep the roots covered and moist with moist soil and wet newspaper and keep in the shade. Use some soil or rocks to keep the newspaper in place. Try and let the cut end be exposed to the air. You could let the plant with it's roots sit on a plastic bag.



beach comber I have a large yucca plant washed it and and divived it each nob can be cut but I learred that you never cut the tops off of yucca divide them from your stump but don't cut the foliage off thet will grow but will take years if you cut the green I forget why but I worked at a perennial plant for 22 years and had tro quit 13 years ago

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