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REALLY tall dianthus!

I have several very large beautiful dianthus--they've spread out quite a bit-about 18-24" across and the buds are very plentiful (I'd say there are probably almost 100 buds on each plant--no joke!!) My problem is that they are so tall (around 12") that they are leaning over onto the ground. Some have bloomed and some are just ready to bloom. When I put them in last year, they bloomed over and again--but were not this wide or tall. They made it through the rough NE Ohio winter and seem to have exploded!

I know I need to cut them back, but am just not sure what I can do with them right NOW?! I don't know when is the best time, height, etc to cut them back (or to divide them? and HOW to divide them?) OR where on the stem to cut them?

this is my first post and I couldn't find an answer in search, so I thought I'd just ask! Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I really love these plants, and want to do what's going to work best.


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You really don't need to cut them back. While they probably would survive and sprout heavily, if they are already dense as well as tall, you just need to support them. You may never get as many flower buds as you have now if you cut them back.

Find small stakes. You can buy them in bamboo or plastic, or use fallen twigs. Place several of them around your dianthus, but not digging into the crown. Tie some yarn or twine onto one stake, then loop it around the next, and the next, and the next, etc. until you come full circle.

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It could be that the soil conditions aren't quite right. Dianthus likes slightly alkeline soil and doesn't need too much fertilizer. Sometimes over-feeding plants can have the effect you describe...They grow very quickly and profusly, but at the expense of strength. If you're fertilizing, try skipping over the dianthus for a bit and see what happens. Also, 1 good drink a week is enough for an established dianthus. They seem to resent wet feet.

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