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new guy needs help

hello all...I have a small raised bed garden made of turkey manure and topsoil. I am having problems with my plants not growing at all or at the same time. for example I have a corn plant 2ft and less than 14in away another one is 8in tall. I have been told that turkey manure is high in nitrogen, but my soil samples are telling me that there is almost no nitrogen...any help would be much appreciated!

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Odd... was the manure spread evenly or could it be in clumps here and there and not in other places? Have you tested your soil pH? If soils are either strongly acid or strongly alkaline, that can lock up the nitrogen in the soil so that it is not available any more. ( )

Anything else you can tell us? Did you mulch it? Sometimes if you put down wood chip mulch, trying to break down the carbon can suck nitrogen back out of the soil.

Just trying to think of things that could account for what you are seeing... maybe others will have more ideas...
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About your corn....I typically have a few plants that are shorter than the rest, and it's due to how the sun tracks across the sky above my garden. Perhaps yours is the same?


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Take a look at this link. It tells you all about different poultry manures, how and when to use.

SoilFacts Poultry Manure as a Fertilizer Source

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