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Watermelon Radish/Opinions please.


This is the 1st time I have grown this variety of radish. It looks (size) and tastes more like a turnip. I was very impressed with it unique color inside. Anyone else tried it this year? 8)

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I tried that variety lasy year. It didn't do very well. You sure have some nice ones there.
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I grew it last year for fun. It gets huge. We ate most of them roasted with potatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and herbs.

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Any taste difference between the large and smaller ones. :?:

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I pulled two out of my garden yesterday and they looked like white carrots. Does that mean they need more time? I made a mistake and planted carrots with them a la french method, and now I am deciding on whether I need to pull the watermelon radishes to try to save carrots, or just plant another row of carrots! HAHA that was one of my experiments this year. Another row that I did that with, I only used a jellybean radish mixture and the carrots are doing just fine after I harvested the radishes.

Your radishes look great! I might just plant some with my turnips if they take as long!

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ty, I just pulled one this morning. this is my first year having them as well and mine too arn't near as large as prairies are yet.

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lisa, I wonder if it is the heat wave we got.. It's too bad, I was hoping to try them out since my kids don't care for the spiciness of the other radishes. Oh well, lets hope my turnips did well.

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