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Where to start

I am looking into hydroponic gardening and would like any suggestions you have for where to get started - good sources for information, books or websites, and the best starter kit - is it better to buy a kit (which one?) or to make my own (how hard is it?)

I am thinking of getting a greenhouse, and basically want to grow my own as far round the year as I can, and thinking hydroponics may be the way forward. So any other suggestions around greenhouses - heating methods (I'm thinking solar power as far as possible) would also be really helpful.


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The most I have ever done with this method is helping install the lights on a aeroponics system my friend built using a plastic bin and parts from Home Depot. Definately get a book on how to start your own system. One that has guides for each hydroponic system. There are a bunch of systems. Hydro guy has a detailed thread like this on his home built Ebb and Flow system & I am sure you could just ask him. Lots of pros in this lobby you should talk with. Serial killer comes to mind.
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