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help me identify this wildflower

I was in central florida [ mt dora] last week and saw this flower in the woods along the bank of a swampy area
its so beautiful, it was on a high stem like bushy formation, it was alone.
very spikey round white with purple about three inches across sort of looks like a star, I don't KNOW HOW TO ATTACH A PHOTO!! help with that please.

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It helps if you start by reading all the good stuff in the Introductory New to Helpful Gardener? section. Under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members, you will find how to post photos here. But there's lots of other good stuff in this section!
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I started a account. I upload the IMG there and then it gives you a code. You copy and paste the IMG code in the reply box where you write messages and it pops up. or you have to use [url= then paste your domain address and put the left facing bracket ]

so [url=Fancydancyphoto/1337flower.jpg/]
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brtammy, I'm from Central Florida, too.

If you can't do a photo, the best guess I can come up with is Datura stramonium, blossoming here already. Very poisonous, very beautiful, and related to the brugmansias people have as specimen plants. Brugs have flowers that point down, Datura has flowers that point up or out, but not down.

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