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Need some planning advice please

THis is probably the forum that is closest to covering everything so I am going to post here :)

We are buying a house that sits on a nice chunk of ground and we are planning to get things set up in a way that will provide a nice harvest for us. The problem is that we will be moving in late june so nothing can be planted this year at least until July once we start getting settled. Below I will list the perennials/trees that we want to plant. What I need help with is when to plant them. Should we plant in summer, wait till fall, or wait till spring next year? What should we do with them next spring? Not harvest/pinch blooms off or let them go and expect a harvest? Thanks everyone. We are located in the far north suburbs of Minneapolis so solidly into zone 4. I will be prepping the ground for the annuals this year to plant in the spring so no worries on those.


Eating apples(honeycrisp probably 2-4)
Baking Apples(green variety 2-4)
Cherries(bing 2-4)

strawberries(both june and everbearing in raised beds)
Maybe cranberries


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The heat of summer is not a good time to plant perennials. Too stressful on plants that are trying to get established. But early fall once the heat breaks a little, is an excellent time. Gives plants a chance to set down good roots before the winter comes. But especially there in MN where frost comes early, that really means getting right on it, maybe late summer actually. With lots to do, I have sometimes left the fall planting too late and then sometimes stuff doesn't make it through the winter. So you will have a fairly tight window in there.

Fall would definitely be a good time to plant the rhubarb, asparagus, berries. I've never grown fruit trees so can't really speak to that, but in general trees can be planted in the fall also.

The asparagus, usually you don't eat any (or at least very little :) ) until the third season. You want to keep strengthening the roots. The rhubarb is similar, but you could do a light harvesting in the second year. The strawberries, you want to pinch all the flower buds keep it from fruiting this year, but next year should be fine to let it grow. (Gardening is very personal and local and everyone has their own ways of doing things; some people may give you different versions of this paragraph, but I'm giving you the "conventional wisdom.")
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