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Eating Leaves of Zucchini & Beans

Something is eating the leaves of my recently planted Zucchini & Beans. They were recently planted transplants which I sprayed with something that addresses Fungus, Mites & Insects. Yet the leaves are still being eaten. I don't see anything on the leaves other than ants.

Any thougts or solutions?

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notice any shinning slime trails? might be slugs, put overturned pots between the rows and check if there are slugs taking shelter under it during the day.

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Now that you mention it and having since read some similiar postings with eaten leaves I do see slime and I bet they are slugs. I'll try the overturned pot thing to determine.

Does the beer trap work?

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I've been told by my dad that the blossoms from squash & zucchini go good in salads to. Just let the fruit start good them take blossom off before it turns & eat it.

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Beer traps DO work, but put them away from the garden NOT in it. Beer seems to attrack every &@!$ slug within a zillion miles :evil:
When I used them I put them at least two feet outside the edges. Now I just give them places to hide and use tongs to hand pick them.
Watching them get salted never gets old :twisted:

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