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Red Bud Tree


I have a red bud tree that was planted 3 years ago and has never really bloomed with the nice pink flowers.. I've had lots of huge green leaves..

Unfortunately, this year.. (it's third year in the ground) I notice for the first time some fair sized cracks in the trunk of the tree.. I believe is it from sunscald....(I wish someone had told me about tree wrap) for the winter on this tree...

We also had a night of frost a couple of weeks ago... the buds on the tree looked like they were coming out.. but as of today's date nothing is happening....

Is my tree dead?? or should I just give it some more time....


Can I post pics. on this forum..

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Hi - welcome to the Forum. So glad you found us! Hope you find it friendly and helpful.

I took the liberty of moving your introductory post to the tree section, since most of it was your redbud question. This way more people will see it who might be able to answer your question.

Pictures would help. Here's the instructions. It's not really hard, there's just an extra step, because you can't upload pictures directly from your computer to here. They have to already be hosted on-line somewhere else.

Where do you live that you are still having frost at the end of May!? Have you considered moving? :) I feel put upon when we have April frost!

If you are worried that your tree might be dead, break off a little twig. If it is green inside the tree is not dead. But if it had flower buds ready to open and then you had a hard frost, it could have killed the flower buds. That would not kill the tree, but it would mean that you will have another year of no flowers. It is not unusual that it didn't bloom its first couple years, the baby ones don't bloom. Then somewhere around the third season it blooms, but sparsely and then after that it will look like a real redbud, covered in flowers.

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