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Hosta with Torn Leaves - What causes this?

What's causing this?

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Is it windy where you are? It looks like wind damage to me (maybe helped along by a slug or two)

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Could be wind... Any stray cats in your yard? My cat just LOVES clawing nice leafy things...

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Slugs might be the problem. That is what my hostas looked like and I did have minor slug problem.

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It does look like slug damage to me. I had to spread crushed eggshells around the hostas to try control them .

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You can put copper wire around the plants then if it is from slugs they won't go over the wire, some chemicle thing with their slime doesn't allow them to go over it.

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The copper wire, is actually an electrostatic thing where charge builds up on the copper metal that the slugs will not cross because it irritates their mucus membranes. Apparently it works really well.

Though, I've yet to try it myself.

Oh, and a word to the wise: Beer actually attracts slugs so, using beer traps is a way to move slugs away from certain areas.

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