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my brown ligustrum bonzai

I've recently bought a ligustrum bonzai tree. As of today the leaves have turned brown. After a week of having it at home I repotted it into a bigger pot, since the seller said the pot it was in was being grown out of. I used regular unfertilized soil, and a clay pot. Then after a few days the leaves were green but had become crispy. So I repotted it again but used fertilized miracle grow soil instead. Nothing changed for about two weeks, then just over night it had turned brown, so I repotted it again today (5/18/10), but incorporated rock, I layered the soil and rock. I figured this would help it drain faster if overwatering was the problem. Am I missing something?? I would post a picture, but I'm not sure how.

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To post a photo here you must host it elsewhere and then link to it. Look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3724]here[/url] for instructions for several sites, pick one. Or perhaps you already have an account somewhere like Imageshack or Photobucket.

I'm not sure a picture will really help much though. I sounds like your tree has gone through quite a lot recently. Three re-pottings in a month or so is very stressful. This is a perfect example of why you should do your research first. Unless it was terribly root-bound you could have probably left it alone for this year, learned to manage while learning about proper bonsai soils.

Are you keeping it inside or outside? The air inside of our homes is generally much too dry for many species to do well. When you re-pot, you have disrupted the plants ability to take up water. One or both of these things could have caused the leaves to dry out initially.

Although the soil you have it in now is far from ideal, I am very reluctant to suggest any further changes in the short term. If inside, get it outside in a sheltered location and don't do anything other than manage the moisture in the soil. Use the skewer method to monitor the moisture and water only as needed.

Look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1479]here[/url] for tips on watering and the skewer method.


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