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I need help identifying this plant

I've got a plant that seems to have come up by itself and is everywhere! Can anyone tell me what it is and what to do with it? There's a picture on PhotoBucket: [img][/img]

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It might be Tanacetum vulgare (Common Tansy). The red stem excludes many other plants with similar leaves.

One other possibility is Poison Hemlock, except that plant has stems that are more spotted with red blotches.

I'm really more inclined to think it's Tansy. JMO, though. :)
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I grow tansy (deliberately) and poison hemlock pops up in my garden occasionally. To me it looks a lot more like the hemlock.


poison hemlock:

If you agree, then definitely get rid of it (NOT in the compost pile). The hemlock is not only very toxic, it is a very aggressive, invasive spreader.
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I grow Tansy as well, and I think the Tansy leaves are a bit different.

Thinikng it's more likely to be in the carrot family. Are there other possibilities? Like Queen Anne's Lace or Angelica? Stray carrot? I have a couple of unharvested carrots from last fall that are sending up massive leaves and looking like this too.

Are they growing in a dry gravelly area (more inclined to be QAL) or wet and soggy area (more inclined to be PH)?

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