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Dogwood tree not doing so good

Hey everyone, first post here.

I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to gardening and I just planted a Pink Dogwood in front of my house about two weeks ago. I just redid the area the tree is planted in so its in brand new Compost/Topsoil mix.

It looked perfectly healthy when I bought it from the nursery but now the leaves look really bad.

The leaves holes in them in random spots and brown spots along the edges / middle of the leaves.

I have been checking the soil to see if it needs water everyday and for the most part watering it everyday.

Heres some pictures to better show what they look like.

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Don't water it every day! That encourages the tree to grow lots of shallow surface roots that are then very vulnerable to drying out or other problems.

Water the tree deeply but infrequently.. if you give it a good deep watering it should be ok for a week. Once the tree is well established (meaning probably next year), it shouldn't need watering at all unless you are in drought conditions.

What is your soil like (the actual soil, not what you added)? Is the tree in full sun?

I'm not sure what your leaf problem is; probably someone else will come along and answer that.

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