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Need help with weeds

I have encountered a lot of the following. What do I use to eliminate? Have tried scoots weed control with no results.

I have this ALL over.


This is course thick bladed.


Here is a close up of above.

Please help.

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Violets are tough; try hand pulling. I like a [url=]Weed Hound[/url]for my hand pulling (but ignore the violets for the most part; I only really go after dandelions and plaintain).

The grassy one is coarse fescue or tall fescue, which is actually being used as a lawn grass now because of it's drought tolerance and low feeding. Dig it out if you don't like it, but its a grass, it's green and will be all year.

I say pick your battles... monocultural lawns are not healthy, for the environment or your mental well being. Relax a little, it's a lawn, not an operating room. I have violets, self-heal, winter veronica, all sorts of goodies and I leave my grass long to compete with the weeds and every year it gets a little better. And if I don't muck about on the lawn for too long, I have more time to garden, where I can really make my yard shine...


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