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Fun for my kids

This may sound kinda silly but, I was wondering if there are any kinda items we can plant right form the fridge or counter. I had a lost onion in the fride and as I was cleaning out fridge kids saw it had sprouts on top and wanted to know if we plant it can it grow!
I am by no means a green thumb, but would love to start:)

Just for fun....any suggestions on if anything will grow like this?? :oops:

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I grabbed a radish for dinner last night, and it had new roots on it.

Look around, lots of things will grow.

Save seeds of all kinds of foods that you eat, many will grow!

As crazy as it sounds, my daughter in law ate a green pepper, she planted the seeds right out of it into a pot, and they grew! She had a harvest from the pepper she ate!

Start with just what you have on hand, dry beans and peas should grow.

Sprouting veggies normally will for sure.

Just for fun, take a celery, cut off the top branches to eat, then take the base and put it into a bowl of water, add a few drops of food coloring and watch how quickly it goes all through the plant, and the plant will grow. You can demonstrate how the plant system works taking up nutrients along with the water, in a way they will remember.

You might be able to try different colors on different days! The coloring will be temporary if you use food grade food coloring.
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OL that's an awesome idea to do with my stepdaughter this summer. She's taking some interest in the plants and flowers now (she'll be 6 in oct) and it would be a great way for her to actually learn about how the plants grow.

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I can't believe no one said to try potatoes. Those are almost a sure bet. When they start to sprout in the pantry cut off the sprout (or eye of the potato) and put it in some soil. Potatoes are usually pretty hard to mess up.

Good luck.

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