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Need to kill ants in my veggie garden, just planted seeds.

I have seeds out there righ now, and I'm worried the ants with eat them... is there something I can use to kill them without killing my seeds?
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There are seed eating ants, but generally they eat the seeds that are on plants (when the plant has grown and matured and set seeds). I have never seen ants bother any of the seeds I planted (I can't say that never happens, only that I haven't seen it). Most often ants are pretty harmless in the garden.

If you do want to get rid of them try typing ant control into the Search the Forum feature. You will find a bunch of stuff written here already about it.

Here's one thread to start you off:
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killing ants organicly

A way to kill ants without using harmfull chemicals and lots of money. Get an old butter container (cleanish) poke small holes around the middle about an inch or two above bottom then just put a bit of soy sauce in and a film of veg. oil on top, then put on lid set in garden. When ever it is full of bugs trash it or dump to use again. This wont killem' all but will drown who ever finds it even other bugs that eat your crops.

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