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recommendation on online seed catalogs/websites


I am looking to order some seeds and am wondering what are the favorite seed companies that folks use. I have heard of "seed of change" but finding t pricey. Want to use them only if there is good reason to do so.


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Try local companies.

I found one just a couple provinces over that offered me the best deal.
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Victory seeds
Sandhill Preservation
Tomato Growers Supply (good selection of peppers too)
Baker Creek

Wintersown seeds has a free seed/donate seed thing

You'll have to check to see who has the lowest prices

I usually buy popular/hybrid seed locally off the rack.

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I ordered from Pinetree seeds this year.

This is the first year of starting seeds indoors. I ordered peppers, tomatoes, and herbs. All germinated at a high rate (95% or better) except for the Portugese hot peppers. I got zero germination.

I will buy from them again next year.
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This year I bought from Jungs.I have used many others over the years and have had good results from all.What I do is decide what varieties I want to plant and then try to find a source that has them all.If you order from several companies you will have to pay several shipping charges.
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I bought from Pinetree seeds too- they are perfect my for me-I have a small plot, but want to raise big variety, and they have cheaper small packs and they have a lot of unusual choices, which I loved too. And some of leftovers I traded with other gardeners here on the forum. :D

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